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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Airbrush Make up?

No, In my Professional opinion & from experience airbrush make up does not give the same coverage or withhold long hours like traditional foundation does. With today's products you can achieve the same airbrushed effect when applying foundation correctly.

What determines the travel fee?

3 main factors go into the travel fee and how it is decided:


  •   The distance away your location is round trip with gas fee's and mileage.


  • The amount of time to get to the location an back , which blocks time out in the day for scheduling other appointments.


  • The time it takes to pack & haul my professional kit with all the proper products and color options I will need to service. When coming on location I bring my personal directors chair & professional lighting if no high back chairs or natural lighting is available.

I have a Large Bridal Party, will you be able to do us all in time?

Yes! I take an hour per person so with most bridal parties my usual number time allows for starting at 8am is 5-6 people. I do work with an assistant though for larger parties, or parties with a shorter time period to get ready. She is a Licensed Cosmetologist as well and trained by me in Make up.

Do you do hair?

No I do not, although I am fully licensed it is not my strong point so I stick to my passion of Make up only.

I do work with several hair stylists I can refer.

What is the difference of hiring you versus a salon team for my wedding? 

I like to think of my services as more "Exclusive". Since I am a 1 woman team  ( unless I have help of my assistant)  I can only do so many bookings, so my time is very limited in the day which means I usually block out my entire day for your wedding. 

 I am there from start to finish to really focus on each face.  Unlike a retail or salon environment my attention is solely on you with no pressure or requirements to buy any products either, making it a more intimate experience.

I have made a name for myself in the southeast Michigan area for this reason. I take a lot of pride in my work and  want each client to feel pampered after my services.

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