Appointment Only

Monday-Sunday 9am-7pm

(Virtually available anytime when made in advance)

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan & South East Florida

I do come on location travel fee varies off mileage

Out of state fee's include travel and hotel expenses

If destination is a hour + away there is a 4 person minimum ( Bridal party ) otherwise it is an additional $100 service fee.

    If destination is over 2hrs away hotel room required



Confirmation will be sent after booking, Please allow at least  a week in advance for making appointments. Last minute appointments may be charged a additional fee depending on changes made in scheduling.  

Not all dates booked through here are guaranteeable since I do not have access to blocking off my availability on this website's formatting I apologize, for a guaranteed time and date please contact me directly before booking the appointment. 

 Deposit Required on all appointments to save the date.

When appointment is booked a invoice will be sent to your email an it must be paid with in 24 hours.

After Deposit is paid  the address of  studio will be released .